Language teaching in Zurich – learn German in Switzerland

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’ (J. W. von Goethe) 

Learn German at Babylonia on Goethestrasse in the centre of Zurich.

There are many ways to learn German today. From classic group teaching to self-study using online tutorials, the range is extensive. We have deliberately opted for the personal approach and primarily offer private lessons.

The benefits for you:

          • Come to us with all your rough edges – we will adapt to you.
          • Don’t hide in a group – with us you are the centre of attention.
          •  Forget about anxiety and stress – you’ll feel comfortable with us.
          •  You choose the focus of the lesson – we adapt.
          • Feel like a conversation? – We’ll get you talking.
          • Craving grammar? – We’ll feed you the delicacies of the German language.
          • Gain confidence and pride when speaking – we’ll give you a boost.

To make a long story short: we’ll get the best out of you – with our years of experience and a lot of humour.

And you’ll also be making the most of your time and money because the timetable adapts to your daily routine, your workload and your holiday plans.

If you’d like to learn with friends, we’d be happy to arrange this for you. As a private teaching group of two to six members, you enjoy the perks and privileges of private lessons, such as a flexible course duration and timetable.

If you’re already attending a group course or learning via online language training and you need additional assistance, why not book a few supplementary private lessons with us?

Our range of courses is aimed at adults, young people and children. In addition to our school in the centre of Zurich, we can also teach at your workplace or in your home.

This is what our clients say:

Hadjer Okba

In addition to being conveniently located in Zurich, Babylonia offers professional and efficient German courses. I took tailor-made private lessons with Ulrike Wolff and these exceeded my expectations in every aspect (course content and material, progression, adaptability, etc.). Ulrike is a committed, patient and friendly teacher who always knows how to motivate me. I totally recommend this school and wish it a continuous success. Many many thanks, dear Ulrike!

Hadjer Okba
Joseph Lydon

I wanted to improve my written German and simultaneously prepare for the C1 Goethe Institute Exam. Stefanie Brunner was recommended by a colleague of mine, and we began meeting weekly. My German level rose quickly. Private lessons were exactly what I needed. Stefanie made short audio recordings of part of our lessons and corrected all of my written work. This helped me quickly identify some of the common mistakes that I was making and informed me of where I should be focusing my efforts. I cannot thank Stefanie Brunner and the Babylonia Sprachschule enough for their support.

Joseph Lydon
Julia Aleksieva

Babylonia is an excellent language school, one I can only highly recommend. I had one-on-one lessons with Stefanie who customised the material and the discussion topics according to my needs and personal interests. Instead of textbooks, we read and discussed recent articles from the local newspapers, which we supplemented with grammar exercised. I found this to be a great way to learn the “living” language, to express your opinion on current topics in German and to simultaneously get to know better Switzerland and the local culture.

Julia Aleksieva
Isla McCrae

I contacted Babylonia to improve my German grades in school. I immediately felt comfortable around Ulrike from my first lesson and we managed to build a good working relationship over the next two years. I made a substantial improvement in my German, both in written and oral. I also managed to increase my German grade from a 3.5 to a 5.5 in the Swiss Gymnasium.

Isla McCrae