Swiss culture, language and more – Babylonia!

With us you get to have your cake and eat it too, or as we say, “den Fünfer und das Weggli bekommen“!

Do you have questions about life in Switzerland or about Swiss culture? Do you want to discover new things in Zurich? Or do you just need a few tips and information for your everyday life?

With us you don’t just learn the language, you also get to understand Swiss culture better.

With us you’ll also get to know what’s going on in and around Zurich and we’ll show you the trendy areas, the traditional cafes, the interesting shops and where you can do things in Zurich for free. With us, you don’t just sit in a classroom. We’ll also gladly go with you to the supermarket, the market, ticket machines, the theatre, the cinema, museums, a wine tasting or a cooking class. And along the way your German will get better and better.

New to Zurich? We’ll explain how your washing machine works, what’s in that letter from the municipality and how to dispose of your rubbish. We won’t leave you stranded with your questions.

Do any of the following topics appeal to you?

Wedding or carnival?

We can explain Swiss traditions.

Shirt or blouse?

We’ll show you interesting shops in trendy neighbourhoods.

Horse or beef?

We’ll go to the supermarket with you so that you only buy what you want to eat.

Art or rubbish?

We’ll go to a museum with you and we can find out together.

This is what our clients say:

Rebecca McBrayer Scarcello

The best language school and the greatest, kindest German teacher you’ll ever find! I will be forever indebted to Stefanie Brunner, who helped me so much to acclimate to the language and culture when we lived here. I especially appreciated the grocery store “tour”. Translating labels, explaining the system, and describing local foods all along the way, Stefanie was invaluable in helping me feed my family!

Rebecca McBrayer Scarcello
Sven van Hout

Dear Ulrike, I have to say that I’ve learnt a lot from you. Of course, you brought my knowledge of the German language to a higher level. But your tips were also always very valuable for tourist excursions in Switzerland, be they to Ascona in Ticino or to a Christmas market at Greifensee … I want to thank you for everything.

Sven van Houtformer CFO GM Belgien
Peter Simon

When I started my new life in Switzerland 5 years ago, I suddenly realized that my knowledge of German was not sufficient to work every day with a Swiss company and therefore I desperately needed help. My friends recommended Babylonia to me and in the end, not only did I find the expertise, the flexibility and the perfect location of the school excellent, but also the introduction to Swiss culture, which was really helpful for me at that time. Since then I have been working as an IT consultant together closely with German customers from St. Gallen to Bern, which I could never have done without Babylonia. Long story short: I would like to recommend the services of Babylonia!

Peter Simon
Marc de Fays

Working with Ulrike at Babylonia has really helped me begin my new job successfully. I have been working in a law firm as a patent engineer for a year and of course I still learn something new in German every day – that never stops… but we built a broad and solid foundation that I can continue to build upon in my everyday work.
With a tailor-made programme, Ulrike closed the gaps in my grammatical knowledge lesson by lesson. She improved my feeling for language and explained nuances in German clearly. I can now write and speak more confidently, and begin my training as a patent lawyer with a sound basis.

Marc de Fays